Five Months for one Move



Im Interview erzählt der Performer Hector Thami Manekehla, wie lange er gebraucht hat, um seine Performance „A good place for no tourists nor locals“ einzustudieren, welche Einflüsse von Apartheid in seiner Heimat Johannesburg heute noch spürbar sind und wie wichtig ihm der Ausdruck des Körpers ist. Und mitten in einer Antwort zu seinen Songs fängt Manekehla an zu singen…


1) Good evening, would you like to introduce yourself shortly?


2) So it’s been a long process until you decided to finish your performance „A good place for no locals nor tourists“?


3) What are the biggest political issues in South Africa for you?


4) Have you had any concept or choreography in mind, before you started to work on the performance?


5) This piece is very body-oriented, physical, how important is body-language in your performances?


6) Do you also perform in South Africa?


7) How do you experience social life in South Africa?


8) You imitate criminals in your performance, how did you prepare for that?


9) Your piece is really subtile, you don’t take sides or position yourself clearly. Do you still experience a racial tension?


10) So, Apartheid is still a very current matter…


11) The same applies for penalties concerning homosexuality in Africa…


12) You also added dialects, languages and songs to your piece. What was the function?


13) How did you choose the songs?


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