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WELLNESS – attention junkies

JOKE HEYLEN   Vincent Riebeek and Florentina Holzinger perform their own work and, although they are not the most talented singers, the most eloquent actors or the most amazing dancers, they nevertheless succeed in playing their roles with a disarming naturalness, an enigmatic quality that every performer can and should

WELLNESS – Get our healing

[slideshow_deploy id=’805′] JOKE HEYLEN WELLNESS, is the third piece in a trilogy. The starting point for their new show is a search for ‚healing‘. Florentina Holzinger and Vincent  Riebeck examine which aspects of popular culture have ambitions to influence, change, and heal the world.  KEIN APPLAUS FÜR SCHEISSE was a


ES GIBT KEIN ENTKOMMEN: REALITY SHOW [slideshow_deploy id=’805′]   Joke Heylen über das Regie-duo Florentina Holzinger und Vincent Riebeek: Schluss mit der Kunst der Täuschung als Privileg beliebiger Pseudonyme, die auf den Sites der sozialen Netzwerke um Anerkennung buhlen: Die beiden jungen Regietalente Vincent Riebeek und Florentina Holzinger bringen die