The Dome Project: a matrix of sustainable alternatives & commons


The Dome Project is an interactive cross-cultural network of sustainable resources, alternative to the existing crisis system. It promotes the idea of social change through the values of active participation, sharing, respect and mutual support.

Its content is organized through a multi-layer classification system of maps and databases. You are welcome to explore the Dome, according to your areas of interest (Society, Politics, Economy, Education, Environment, Arts & Culture, Media and Technology), your geographical zone of residence/activity or the type of initiative you look for (organizations, tools or actions).

The Dome Project is currently running its Beta Version and asks for your opinion and feedback in order to further improve its contents, layout and software.

We are open to creative collaborations with engaged individuals, activists, researchers, social workers and like-minded groups and organizations.

We aspire to establish a dynamic community that will expand beyond its virtual borders and spread the virus of positive change in the real world. We want to grow big and inspire people to join forces, interact and contribute to the vision of social transformation through a collective perspective.


email: the dome.beta@gmail.com

fb page: The Dome Project

Be the change you want to see” 

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